Pertti Ahonen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of History and Ethnology
Email: pertti.ahonen[at]
Keywords: Cold War, Germany, Memory Regimes, Migrations, Transnational Histories

Toni Alaranta
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Finland
The European Union Research Programme
Email: toni.alaranta[at]
Keywords: Civilizations, Modernization, Narratives, Nationalism, Westernization

Jussi Backman
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Email: jussi.m.backman[at]
Ancient Philosophy, Conceptual History of Creativity, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Philosophical Late Modernity, Postmetaphysical Western Thought

Andre Sicchieri Bailão
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Department of Anthropology
Email: asbailao[at]
Keywords: Anthropology of Science, Iconography, Landscapes, Scientific Expeditions

Mohamed El-Kamel Bakari
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
English Language Institute
Email: kamel3_2000[at]
Keywords: American Environmental History, American Environmental/ecological Politics, Globalization and Sustainable Development, History of Sustainability

Olga Baysha
Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation
Faculty of Communications, Media and Design
Email: obaysha[at]
Keywords: Social Movements, Westernization, Modernization, Democratization, Discourse Analysis

Riccardo Bavaj
University of St Andrews, Scotland
School of History
Email: rbflb[at]
Keywords: Concept of ‘the West’, Germany, Modernity, Nazism, ‘Western Democracy’

Alastair Bonnett
Newcastle University, England
The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology
Email: alastair.bonnett[at]
Keywords: Asia, Modernity, Occidentalism, Social Geography, Whiteness

Christopher S. Browning
University of Warwick, England
Department of Politics and International Studies
Email: c.s.browning[at]
Keywords: Europe, Geopolitics, Identity politics, Security, Transatlantic Relations

Dawid Bunikowski
University of the Arctic, Finland
Subgroup of Philosophy of Law
Email: dawid.bunikowski[at] 
the Arctic/North, Axiology, Law, Morality, Western Civilisation 

Melanie E. L. Bush
Adelphi University, USA (also University of South Africa, South Africa)
Department of Anthropology
Coloniality, Political Economy, Social Movements

Ahmet Faruk Çeçen
Istanbul University, Turkey
Faculty of Communication
Email: ahmetfarukcecen1[at]
Keywords: The East-West Conflict, Clash of Civilizations, Orientalism, and Occidentalism

Alim Koray Cengiz
Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey

Bilingualism, Cultural Diversity, Ethnicity, Linguistic Anthropology, Multiculturalism

Piotr Chmiel
University of Warsaw (non-affiliated), Poland
Email: piotr.chmiel.a[at]
Keywords: Central Europe, Early Modern, Italy

Jessica M. Cook
University of Toronto, Canada
Department of Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies Institute
Email: Jessicam.cook[at]
Keywords: Black/Indigenous Representation, Film Activisms, Indigenous Resurgences, Indigenous Visual Sovereignty, Museum Studies

Jose A. Cortes-Vazquez
Universidade da Coruña, Spain
Department of Sociology, Political Science and Administration
Email: jacorvaz[at]
Environmental Policies, EU, Peripheral Countries, Rural Studies, Sustainable Development

Magdalena Dabkowska
Independent researcher, Germany
Email: m.dabkowska[at]
Colonialism, Development, Globalisation, Human Rights, Power

Eduardo Dullo
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Social Anthropology Department
Email: edudullo[at]
Keywords: Catholicism, Education, Personhood, Secularism 

Reeta Frosti
University of Helsinki, Finland 
Study of Religions
Email: reeta.frosti[at]
Keywords: Francis Bacon, Gender, Natural Philosophy, Religion

Lisa Gelbhardt
University of Hull, England
Department of Social Sciences
Email: L.M.Gelbhardt[at]
Keywords: Emotion and Personhood, Ethnography, Occidentalism, Social Anthropology, Travel

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins
The University of Melbourne, Australia
Faculty of Arts
Email: goodwin[at]
Keywords: Ethnography, Industrial Revolution, Postindustrialism, Rural studies

Magdalena Góralska
University of Oxford, England / Kozminski University, Poland
Faculty of Arts
Email: magdalena.goralska[at]
Keywords: Communication Theory, Internet, Science Communication, Science and Technology, Social Media

Antero Holmila
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of History and Ethnology
Email: antero.holmia[at]
Keywords: Crises, Internationalism, Postwar, UN, U.S. Foreign Policy

Pasi Ihalainen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of History and Ethnology
Email: pasi.ihalainen[at]
Keywords: Comparative European History, Political and Social Discourse, Political Legitimacy, Transnational Perspectives

Ana Ivasiuc
Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Institute of Political Science
Email: ana.ivasiuc[at]
Keywords: Law, Migration, Policing, Security/Securitization, Vigilantism

Jukka Jouhki
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of History and Ethnology
Email: jukka.jouhki[at]
Keywords: Banal Occidentalism, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Narrative, Media texts

Annastiina Kallius
University of Helsinki, Finland
Social and Cultural Anthropology / Faculty of Social Sciences
Email: annastiina.kallius[at]
Keywords: Europe, Hungary, Location, Migration, Postsocialism 

Frank Karioris
American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan
Division of General Education
Email: karioris_f[at]
Keywords: Masculinities, Higher Education, Sociality, Sexuality

Katri Kauhanen
University of Turku, Finland
Centre for East Asian Studies
Email: kakauh[at]
Keywords: Gender, Korea, Networks, Religion, West/East

Pekka Korhonen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Email: pekka.a.korhonen[at]
Keywords: West, East, Asia, Names & Concepts

Anna Kronlund
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Email: anna.p.kronlund[at]
Keywords: U.S. Congress and Presidential System, U.S. Foreign and Domestic Politics

Tereza Kuldova
University of Oslo
Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History
University of Vienna
Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology
Email: tereza.kuldova[at]
Keywords: Biker Subculture, Business Elites, Europe, Social Anthropology, South Asia  

Marie-Josée Lavallée
Université de Montréal
Department of History
Email: marie-josee.lavallee[at]
Keywords: Political thought (19th and 20th cent.), German Thought, Critical Theory, Reception Studies, Ethics And Technology

Einat Libel-Hass
Ashkelon Academic College, Israel
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Email: einat.libel[at]
Keywords: Cultural Dynamics, Congregational Studies, Judaism, Israel, Identities, Place

Joanna Lipińska
University of Warsaw, Poland
Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
Email: jm.lipinska2[at]
Keywords: European Demonology, Magic, Neo-Paganism, Western Witchcraft, Wicca

Mira Menzfeld
University of Cologne, Germany
Department of Islamic Studies

 (see also here)
Anthropology, Dying, Medical Anthropology, Moral, Neosalafism

Pia Mikander
University of Helsinki, Finland
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Email: pia.mikander[at]
Keywords: Education, Social Science Education, Postcolonialism

Simo Mikkonen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of History and Ethnology
Email: simo.mikkoinen[at]
Keywords: Cultural Cold War, Cultural Diplomacy, Soviet Union, Transnational History, Russian and East European History

Seamus Montgomery
University of Oxford, England
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology


Bureaucracy, EU institutions, Identity, Modernity, Nationalism 

Omer Moussaly
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Unesco Chair on the Philosophical Foundations of Justice and Democratic Society
Email: moussaly.omer[at]
Keywords: Antonio Gramsci, Edward Saïd, Hegemony, Orientalism, Western Marxism 

Utsa Mukherjee
University of London, England
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Email: utsa.mukherjee.2015[at]
Keywords: Childhood, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Sociology, South Asian Diaspora 

Mattias Nowak
Lund University, Sweden
Central and Eastern European Studies
Keywords: Conservatism, Images of the West, Nationalism, Political Philosophy, Western civilization

Henna-Riikka Pennanen
University of Turku, Finland
John Morton Center for North American Studies
Email: henna-riikka.pennanen[at]
Keywords: 19th Century History, Civilization, Idea of the West, The United States, U.S.-East Asia Relations

Oili Pulkkinen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Email: pulkkinenoili2014[at]
Keywords: 18th Century, The Enlightenment, Geopolitics, Political Concepts, Political Thought

Ann-Judith Rabenschlag
University of Stockholm, Sweden
Department of History
Email: ann-judith.rabenschlag[at]
Keywords: Contemporary History, German Political Discourse, Historical Semantics, Identity, Migration 

Juan Javier Rivera Andía
University of Bonn / The European Insitute for Advanced Study
Department of Anthropology of America
Email: jjriveraandia[at]
Keywords: Andes, Extractivism, Indegenous Peoples, Latin America

Noel B. Salazar
University of Leuven, Belgium
Cultural Mobilities Research (CuMoRe), Faculty of Social Sciences
Email: noel.salazar[at]
Keywords: Cosmopolitanism, Heritage, Imaginaries, Mobility and Travel, Sociocultural Anthropology

Bilgesu Şatır
Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences
Email: bilgesu.satir[at]
Keywords: Feminist Theory, Gender and Politics, Laisizm, Social Movements, Westernization

Rina Sherman
Art cinématographique artisanal / Low Tech Film Art

Angola, Ethnographic film, Multimedia, Namibia, Ovahiba

Pedro Ponte e Sousa
New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH-UNL) & Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI)
Email: pedrosousa_pps[at]
Keywords: Diplomacy, Foreign and security policy, Foreign policy analysis, (Political) Globalization and Global Governance; Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece)

Sara Swerdlyk
Central European University, Hungary
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Email: swerdlyk_sara[at]
Keywords: Critiques of Western Liberalism, Eastern Europe vs the West, Postsocialism and Postcolonialism 

Andreas Streinzer
University of Vienna, Austria
Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology (visiting scholar at Lancaster University Sociology Department)
Email: andreas.streinzer[at]
Austerity, Greece, Moral Economy of Provisioning, Occidentalism

Jouni Tilli
Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Finland
Email: jouni.tilli[at]
Keywords: Lutheranism, Political and Religious Rhetoric, Political Theology, Political Theory, Politics of History 

Johanna Turunen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies / EUROHERIT
Email: Johanna.k.turunen[at]
Keywords: Belonging, Europe, EU, Heritage, Postcolonial  

Barbara Törnquist-Plewa
Lund University, Sweden
Centre for European Studies
Email: barbara.tornquist-plewa[at]
Keywords: East and West, Europe, Identity, Memory Studies, Political Myths

Johanna Vuorelma
University of Helsinki, Finland
Network for European Studies
Email: johanna[at]
Keywords: Foreign Policy Analysis, Narratives, Turkey, West

Marja Vuorinen
University of Helsinki, Finland
Department of Political and Economic Studies
Email: marja.vuorinen[at], marja.h.e.vuorinen[at]
Keywords: Elite Studies, Identity Building, Nationalism, Political Conflicts, Propaganda 

David Whyte
University College London, England
Anthropology Department
Email: david.whyte.13[at]
Keywords: Climate Change, Ireland, Politics, the Sea, Water 

Rachida Yassine
Ibn Zohr University, Morocco
Department of English Studies
Email: rachida.yassine[at]
Keywords: Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Gender and Women Studies, East/West Encounters, Postcolonial Studies